Tess hanging out in Cali at John and Julie’s.


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  1. Posted by Dad Creasy on August 3, 2010 at 3:53 am

    Hey Brian, Janet and Girls. Mom and I had fun on our recent visit and of course I had fun helping B with wiring up the inverter. Just my cup of tea.
    Worries and Fear? Well, yes, certainly. And to ask the same question as you J, of what?. There are so many unknowns you are bound to be fearful. But isn’t it comforting to know, intellectually, that the unknowns, for the most part, are nothing to be afraid of, just new and not yet experienced. But of course you don’t know that yet. You will look back on your fears and say, gee, I did that and it wasn’t half bad.
    The fears of physical things you can overcome and will come to look upon as a challenge. The more important challenge, and the one you must all overcome if you are going to make a success of this adventure is within yourselves. How resilient are you really? Will you constantly resent the personal inconveniences, lack of privacy and alone time, the responsibilities that come for each of you with home schooling , and all the other personal affronts you will experience, real or imagined?. Or will you celebrate it all as simply a new challenge and as part of your new you. And I guarantee, having done some of it myself, you WILL each emerge from your year or two on the road as a more worldwise person with a greater understanding and tolerance for what life throws at you.
    This seems to be addressed to you J, but it’s not. It applies equally to Brian and the girls. And perhaps the girls’ experiences will change them in even more profound and permanent ways. Brian has an occasiional escape of sorts but he has a different challenge. That is, in part, to worry FOR the family while he is away. To think of all the things you could encounter and anticipate and take care of all the things you as a family will need while he is gone.
    So you are both on a journey that will challenge you in so many ways, some you may not have even thought of yet. But, what an exciting prospect. You’ll be FREEEEE. Did you ever think you would be?As Steinbeck said in B’s quote, a journey will take on a life of it’s own. Nevertheless, much of how the journey turns out depends on what you are willing to put in. “You reap what you sow” seems so corny. But it’s so true. Especially about this adventure.
    Think of it. Anticipate it. What an adventure. Embrace it as tightly as you can and don’t, whatever you do, look in the rear view mirror. WAHOOOO.


    • Thank you so much for the kind words Mike. Brian and I treasure them and we are all so on board for this adventure! Love to you both and thank you for your unending support.


    • Dad,

      Thank you for your comments and support. We loved having you here and thank you for your support in our adventure. Now that the house is rented and some of the unknowns have fallen to the wayside, we are all feeling a lot more comfortable in getting started with our adventure.

      With having to be moved out in a week, we are feeling set and anxious to get started! Looking forward to seeing you later this week, and the next as well. Love to you and mom.


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