What were we thinking?

Brian here:  When we naively said we could sell Coulee Concrete Designs and hit the road for a while, we didn’t really recognize the workload that was to come.  It really meant that we had to prepare and sell a company, buy the RV and truck, outfit them for the trip, get a rental agency, rent the house, pack-up and move into storage and the RV which is not much larger than a storage unit, learn about home schooling, find a temporary location for our cats, work and take care of a bunch of other extraneous things such as living life – in 3 months!  Okay, so we have three weeks to go to departure and things are a bit chaotic, but we are all on board with this adventure and we are all heading in the same direction.  We just are not firm on what direction we will be heading!  North. Or is it South?  That is up for debate and we are confident that we will figure out which direction to point this thing, or more clearly, our adventure will guide us in the direction it wants us to go.


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