Setting sail…on land that is

Janet here.  September one and we have left Lake Oswego after tying up many loose ends.  First stop is my man’s sister’s home near Tacoma, WA where she has graciously volunteered to take our two kitties and store our trusty Volvo!  Thank you, Big T!

In our preparing to go, we stayed at Champoeg State Park and the girls each had a friend sleepover.  They stayed up late, picked oodles of blackberries that were so plump and delish, and even went running in the sprinkler we brought along.  It was great fun as memories were made and temporary goodbyes were made.  We are blessed with so many good friends that love and support us.  We look forward to reuniting with them  at a later date and making new friends along the way.

We are headed out towards Spokane by way of the Wenatchee River today and we are all very excited to get started.  Adventure awaits with our home on our back.  It feels really pretty free and unencumbered.  Stay tuned for pictures and further posts as I think all of us will be blogging on this same site.


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  1. Posted by Lisa on September 5, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    We’re so glad to have been able to visit before your departure. And I know a young lady who is especially happy to have spent time hanging out with all of you!!

    We are excited for you and all the adventures that await you in the coming months! We’ll be watching and waiting to hear all about your travels. Best, best wishes to you.


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