5 Trees to the top of WHERE?

It was different this time.  I was happily minding my own business, sitting still and enjoying the sunshine warming me when some people used me as a seat. It was a family of four hiking in the Tetons’ who were looking down upon the beautiful Jenny Lake below, but it was a conversation between a girl and her Dad that struck me as odd.

They were talking about 5 trees to somewhere, somewhere above that I could not see or understand.  It started off with a discussion about distance.  The girl said, “I think we are about half way to the top of that mountain”.  The Dad replied, “I don’t think we are even close.  Look at the trees below; if you stacked 5 trees one on top of the other, there are about 5 trees in height from the lake to where we are.  Now look to the top of the mountain, how many trees are there from here to the top?”  After a short discussion, they agreed that there were about 15 more trees, in height, to the top of the mountain.  The Dad asked what the simplest form of the fraction was that represented how far up the mountain they had gone.  The girl, named Tess, quickly responded with “one fourth”.    Let’s see, I am no mathemagician, but I thought it was 5/20!  So, they agreed they had gone up 5 trees and there were 15 more to go, which is one quarter the way to the top and they were laughing at being 5 trees to somewhere, up there, a place I cannot see.

After a bite to eat and a drink, they left me, perched alone upon this crag as so many people do, not realizing that rocks are listening too.

Co-authored by Brian and Tess.


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