Pioneers on Parade

Janet here. Well, we are creeping up on a month of this new lifestyle and things are good. To be honest though, I am a bit in need of a break from all of this history, geology, and learning. I will get a day or two coming up in the next week or so. Brian is doing well and when there is downtime, he is usually tinkering on Jack or catching up on the computer (almost just like at home!). The girls are blossoming and loving the adventurous things we are seeing and people we are meeting. The other night we had dinner with a new family we met who had 11 year old twins and the girls were in heaven! As were we since we had some good adult chatter over drinks.

I got to thinking (yet again) about all of the history in our country. Until this trip, most of my travels have been overseas and very little in the good ol’ USA. There is so much here and so any people that have contributed to make this country great. Sure, nothing is perfect and I have done my share of complaining about politics, government, immigrants, taxes, healthcare—you name it. But I have learned that every country has its challenges and that not one place is perfect. It is all what you make of it.

In our own little way, the Creasy family is making our own history: breaking the mold and disengaging for a year, road or unschooling, rv exploring to seek many things including heightening our family bond, and enjoying our kids before they grow up. We all are on our own journey, pioneers on parade. Where will your journey take you?


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