HELP! Anyone?

Is there anyone who knows how, and can help with, adding a map to our blog? We would like to offer a map to our blog showing where we have been, and where we are going, so that our followers may better enjoy our experiences.

We would want to show the map of the US and Canada, like a Google map possibly, and it would have pins that could be dropped on the map to show location that we have been. The dropping of pins could be manually or through a GPS interface, but I think that manually will be fine. Maybe one color of pin for where we have gone, and another color for our anticipated route? Okay, now that I am rolling, how about pins that our followers can place that have information such as places that they recommend that we go? See a friends map as an example at the link below. Thanks for your thoughts and help!

Am I asking too much? Please, someone, help a bother out?,-104.238281&spn=32.183262,45.527344&z=3


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  1. Hi – I hope all is well. Rainy here in Sun Valley – but snow on the mountains – hopefully it will stay cold and we’ll have a nice base for a prolific winter ski season!

    In re: map, I’ve created some on Google Earth – you can choose Pin color and create narrations as well as tie photos in and I believe, GPS coordinates if they are tagged to your photos. I haven’t done a lot of work with this but there is some flexibility. But it’s not simply a matter of placing pins – you’ll have to do a bit of manual work.

    You can email a jpeg of the map to yourself and post it like any other photos but I don’t think the resolution will be high enough to be interesting and you may lose some detail (e.g., descriptions, etc.). So, probably more sensible to insert the link in your blog and tie it to your most recent post. At least people will have access to it when they are reading your blog online.

    Keep on Truckin!


  2. I know you already found one, but check these services out, too:

    Google Latitude


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