The Groove Found

Janet here.  Who wouda thought that after six weeks on the road, my groove would be found. Not just mine, but I will presume that we all have found it. Sure there are some negatives and things that we all miss, but I am not here to dwell on that as they are not as important as to where we are now. Our relationships are deepening both as a family and in our extended relationships with friends and family. We have time to connect, laugh, skype with people in our network and outside that did not seem to happen before (or a whole lot less for sure). The NOW is a reality and I have to say it is very nice.

Ok, so you are saying to yourself “yeah, yeah, the Creasy’s can do this great thing because they have the funds and time to do it.” I am here to prove you wrong. We are not wealthy but have chosen this lifestyle to see where it might lead. To more travel? Maybe. To finding another place to call home? Maybe, but I am so in love with Portland! ☺ To embrace the possibility of permanent home schooling? Maybe. It took a great deal of concentration and effort to get us to this spot. To give you some history, my great hubby instigated grand adventuring when he took off on his own to the South Pacific Seas solo when he was 19. I had the pleasure of meeting him upon his return and entry into college after he “found himself.” I tend to think he was never lost, just adrift for a while. I knew the man I married but did not know what a gem he was, as it just gets better and better. The evolving of our blended selves has been divine and I feel more than fortunate to have him in my life.

So here I am: currently on the shores of Lake Havasu in Arizona, breeze blowing, girls showing me rocks and shells they have discovered, ‘Jack’ the RV in the background, dogs by my side. Of recent late, we observed two thunderstorms here, which brought about the study of lightning and fires, just one of the numerous discussions we have regularly on varying topics. The sights, sounds and smells are so delish. The world ahead of us is our Oyster. It seems like such a dream, can someone pinch me? No, on second thought, don’t because I like what I am seeing and feeling. I am realizing that as my audience reads this, they may think I have just jumped off the deep end. If that is so, let it be. The world is far from a perfect place and I am just a recovering pessimist who got the chance to turn it all around.


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  1. Posted by mikanjoy on October 24, 2010 at 5:54 pm

    Wonderful to read your post Janet. What a team, what an adventure of discovery, on all fronts. You go girl. Our son is lucky guy indeed.
    Dad Creasy


  2. Posted by Jaime on October 24, 2010 at 6:28 pm

    Yay Janet!!! Go girl go!!! (And I love “hearing” you talk about your husband the way I feel about mine. A rarity these days, it seems…)


    • Thank you Jaime. This is such fun getting to “know you” again on fb. I think you and I will be fast friends again in this part of life! I also want to delve into your thoughts around your teaching sometime

      ______________________ Janet Creasy | Explorer Corps. of Discovery 1.503.348.9824


  3. Posted by andrea gaspari on October 24, 2010 at 7:39 pm

    I love seeing your photos!!! More of us need to embark on a journey like yours. We may be right behind you as soon as Mike finishes this instrument. He is sooooooooo close. That is his dream to take us and it on the road. We just have to figure out how to hold on to this house here since we don’t own it. Your children are going to learn so much more about themselves in relationship to the world around them then they ever could sitting in a classroom for 6.5 hrs a day. School is not what it used to be. We all need to be as brave and take the plunge. Thanks for inspiring us.
    : )


  4. I think that you guys are not crazy at all. I think you are wise and setting a great example for your friends of how to fully live in the moment.
    You are a great writer, btw.

    Wishing you all safe journey and more incredible experiences together.



  5. Posted by Joyce Creasy on October 25, 2010 at 3:44 am

    Dear Janet……We really like this post and we think you and Brian have evolved and blended beautifully! We love to hear how happy and content you all sound.

    Safe Travels.
    Love. J and M


  6. Posted by Steve & Joan on October 28, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    Hello Creasy Clan!

    It is always good to find your groove. You sound content. And, contentment is what we all need.
    We too try to find joy and content me t in every day.

    We met you all at the Jenny Lake hike yo see the falls, in the

    Happy Trails to you and God be with you,

    Joan & Steve


  7. Posted by Holly on October 29, 2010 at 7:27 am

    Wonderful to read, Janet. I hope the joy continues and continues–and that we can join you at some point on your travels. – Paul


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