LifeCation at its Finest

We are in the middle of a breather at a cush Marriott in El Paso, Texas.  Brian has some consulting work here and the girls are beyond excited to stay in the hotel and swim, swim, swim.  Did I mention swimming?

I thought it would be a good time to get caught up on some sites we have seen and experiences we have had.  To go back in time a touch, we begin at Zion National Park, my new favorite.  I have been to Grand Canyon a time or two, but it is so vast it seemed inaccessible.  Zion is just a beautiful but in a “touchable” fashion.  We went on an amazing hike that had chains to hold on some of the overhangs with “some scrambling necessary” as the signs said.  See for yourself:


Ava looks superimposed here:


This is an “inukshuk” as they say in Canada or a “Cairn” as they use in the SW to mark trails that Tess created:


On to Las Vegas that is an adventure in itself.  The girls have never been so the entire experience was a wonder to them.  There are so many cool things for them (and us) to enjoy, and the RV park we stayed at was of course donned with archways, fountains, pool, and a reception desk! We explored several posh hotels but I think the hit was M&M World and the Rain Forest Café.


This sign was made entirely of M&M’s:


This is our new friend “Little Vegas”:


After a jaunt out of the way to celebrate Mom-in-law’s 70th surprise birthday in Sacramento, we continued on to Lake Havasu, Arizona.  Brian was in heaven because we stayed right on the lake and got to cool whenever desired.  Brian and I enjoyed a early morning bike ride that ended in a scary thunder and lightning storm.  We are sitting on metal you know!  This resulted in a great family lesson on thunder and lightning.

The London Bridge was purchased in 1968 by Robert McCulloch, who “saved it for the enjoyment and use of posterity”:


After the wonderful weather in Havasu City, we were off to the Grand Canyon which was darn COLD!  We stayed two nights and I had the distinct pleasure of getting altitude sickness (lack of fluids) so sat out on the hike. L  The dogs kept me company as I lay in bed drinking gatorde.  It was over quickly (within about 5 hours) and I was back to my fluttering self.









Day by passing day I receive confirmation for the reasons we made the decision to depart suburbia.  Even if it is just for a stint, we will be changed forever for the better if not just with each other, but also for the world by the little ways we choose to life our life.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Creasy’s,

    It was fun having you over. I hope the road trip continues to bring new friends and surprises.

    Best wishes,

    The Prandoni’s


  2. Posted by Marriott El Paso Staff on November 11, 2010 at 7:49 am

    Hi Creasy’s!

    We were really excited when you all stayed in our hotel in El Paso TX, and delighted to hear about your adventures! We hope all is well!! Take Care!

    Warm Regards

    The Front Desk Sfaff at Marriott El Paso


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