New Orleans and Mississippi

Happy New Year to YOU!

Looking back on the time since my last post, a great deal has happened in our nomadic life since Thanksgiving. We shared a fabulous meal with my Portland friend, Heidi and her parents and family.  Very welcoming and devoted Saints fans, we chowed down on a traditional meal with spirited conversations all around.  Then we shook off all of the calories at Rock n Bowl.  We bowled, hooped and listened to some killer zydako music.

We spent a few days exploring the haunts of New Orleans including the French Quarter.  I love the architecture of the old-time buildings and there was much activity and people out and about.  Cafe Du Monde was our treat following a meal at the french market.

Next stop was Biloxi.  A cool town as Casino towns go and they were fully rebuilt and rockin’.  We explored an awesome HardRock with a cool new interactive computer system in which you could locate any artifact in the HR system and where it is displayed.  Ava had a blast with that one.  Elton John’s cotoure really surprised the girls who thought Elton John was a girl!

The beaches were clean and tidy and weather was pleasant:

The bummer was that dogs were not allowed on the beaches so Fina and Tito were sad.  We went on a bike ride to a dive but delish mexican haunt and saw the town that way.

The wood art sculptures created out of the tree stumps after Katrina’s bite were throughout the main street at the beach:

I think the weirdest adventure so far was like stepping into a timezone was our stay at a Gator Ranch in MS.

The caretaker carried a gun on his hip to prevent poachers from stealing his baby gators that he raises.  He was shot at a couple of times.  This story was disclosed just after the one about a wild bear biting off his dog’s leg the night before.  To top it off, in the lobby was an old electric chair displayed to scare the customers.  He had a light hooked up and was getting ready to attach an old vacuum motor for proper vibration when one took a seat.  Here is Tess trying it out and not looking happy:

We celebrated Christmas the way the locals do by attending two parades, one in the daylight with the townspeople and business’ parading, and one at night where boats were covered in lights and we all gathered around in good spirit to cheer them by.  It was here that my Christmas spirit came into full swing.  It prompted us to decorate “Jack” on the inside and out with lights and ornaments.

The art here was fully created out of everyday items and recycled in some way–my kind of decorations.  Here is an upside down vase painted silver:

Ava is exploring a Wizard of Oz scene made of tin cans:

Thanks for sharing our adventure with us.  Stay tuned for more updates soon as I have some catching up to do.


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  1. Posted by Derek on January 2, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    Great photographs. Looks like lots of fun was had by all!


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