Elementary Career Moves

Basking in the sunlight at one of the oldest cemeteries in the country, we parked our bikes and began to consume our lunch.  Biloxi, Mississippi’s weather was cool and crisp and bustling with activity coming back from the disaster of Hurricane Katrina.  Amidst the toppled gravestone markers, the oldest we saw being 1784, Tess and I began a discussion about resumes.  Random, yes?  I described what one was and what it was for.

Learning about this seemed the perfect opportunity for a life education moment. She kept asking questions, so we kept a dialogue going.  I then created a game similar to the hiring process.  Let me paint the picture:  We were parked out front of the Hard Rock Casino after our bike ride.  I found a simple resume template online that she filled out.  Then I set the scene to “interview” her for a fictitious position I had created for a children’s magazine.  She responded to my ad and called my cell a couple of times to discuss the topic and set a time to meet.  We then dressed up in a professional manner and sauntered over to the Hard Rock’s Starbucks.  She came prepared with sample writing and resume in hand in her fancy folder.

We proceeded to have a great conversation not of mother and daughter but as employer and employee.  I offered her the position and her love of writing has continued to flourish.  Life is all about learning and what better ways than to learn by doing, better yet, learn by being interested and passionate.  This journey has turned out to be much more than a long vacation, but a journey that pushes us in ways we did not expect.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Steve & Joan on January 11, 2011 at 10:39 pm

    I love that opportunity to discuss resumes.
    Especially the ” sauntered over” part. Ha.
    Good job mom!
    From Joan – the lady at Grand Teton’s Cascade Falls who read the Little House booksmb


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