We the few who venture off the road

One of the coolest adventures thus far (by family vote) by the Creasy clan was yesterday at the Big Cypress Swamp in the Everglades of Florida.  Ranger Mel, a young man whose passion for his environment was very evident in his words and actions, led the tour.  He started it by congratulating us for being one of the less than 1% of tourists who actually venture beyond the visitor center.

So begins the tour in the mucky mud trail where Tess almost lost her shoe and we facilitated “chi” running in the muck to get through it a bit easier.   We learned about cypress tress, orchids, panthers, birds, the environment and the subtle beauty that the Everglades provide.

The girls began the tour with “I don’t like this” to “Wow, this is so cool” very quickly as we entered the swamp up to our knees, surrounded by cypress knees, interesting plants, and an alligator!  Yes, we can honestly say that we were in the water with wild gators!

Two hours went by very quickly and at tour’s end, I found a true respect for this humble environment.  Tess and Ava were begging for more.  Maybe tomorrow on another local hike…


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