Slow Road West

Wow, that last post (the good, the bad and the vomit) was tough to publish but I am thankful I did.  I was enveloped with compassion, love and support from a great deal of you.  One man did, however, say that I needed to buck up and “complete my mission” or the message would self-destruct! LOL

The recent path has spurred several very good conversations with friends and with Brian.  Bottom line is that the girls and I are heading back west, SLOWLY.  Brian took off to Oz last yesterday, after a good restful stint, but still quite sad.  My awesome partner is such a brave, compassionate soul who really dreads travel and leaving us, but it seemed the right thing to do for now.  After our return to PDX, we both will be searching for positions that bring in the cash yet help the soul soar.

The girls and I are excited to be heading west again.  The northeast and Canada will have to wait for another time and we are all ok with that.  Brian already has his mind wrapped around selling Jack and purchasing a converted bus of sorts to continue the lifestyle, just less often, and with a home base. Mr. Extreme will very likely purchase the bus and want to convert it himself for his next project.  I do see the fun in that as well…just takes time.  I would want to reclaim and reuse objects for the conversion and incorporate a harmonious interior aesthetic.  Oh yeah.

It is a really good thing to miss home.  It really puts things into perspective and shines the light on what is really important.  For me, that importance is not so much the house, but it is the community and friends.  I did not realize how much I would miss that aspect.  We all agree to that and look forward to good times ahead with friends, family, and new career adventures.  In addition, the girls are visualizing playing in the tree house, backyard and their own rooms.  I am dreaming about my garden, kitchen and my rain shower.  Brian misses his hammock and the peace of our home.

Next post, I promise pictures but I felt I needed to get this update posted.  Good energy our way please as the Creasy Clan Chicks drag Jack back!  Nothing like teaching our girls what an independent woman can achieve, right?



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  1. Posted by Wendy Luikart on January 29, 2011 at 4:56 pm

    Janet, great lesson for them indeed! I’m happy to hear your heart sing about coming home and cherishing all the little things you miss 🙂 What a successful and fun adventure so far! Keep us posted!
    Blessings, Wendy Luikart and crew


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