My Calms

The girls and I have been making great time cruising across the southern states. I rushed through the middle as it was so cold and a big storm and arctic blast had just come through. In addition, Alabama and Mississippi are not my states of choice. Thus far driving big ol Jack has been ok, even sometimes satisfying. And the daily life of water conservation, propane and generator use has been only a bit tiring. And I must say, quite simple.

The girls and I have been finding small things to do along the way to release energy giggle and learn. One day it was a climbing gym, another a cheerleading class in the small town of Odessa, TX. They are learning and trying their best to be nocturnal. I have allowed them to stay up as late as they wish, and they end up in bed by about 10 or 11. Smile. We had fun one night learning all about creatures that are nocturnal and WHY they might be that way. In addition, I put together a few science experiments and there is the box of thing to do in the truck that is ever changing. I am amazed at how the girls can come up with things to do that only involve stickers, embroidery string, and pens: Ava put tattoos on her doll, braided her hair, and wrote in her journal. Both girls have been thinking that there has been a lack of “education” (ha ha), so have self-instigated an education hour where they read and/or do math in workbooks while I drive on.

That has been a funny thing on this adventure. Ava and Tess are truly are getting what they need when the need it. I recently read a blog post that really put this well called Just Enough.  It brought me a calm in this learning journey that we are all on. It really spoke to me deeply, dousing concerns I have of “getting it all right”. If we are to teach our children, they are all so different and have different needs that there is no one curriculum that will fit all. Ava is one who needs structure and balance. Tess goes with the flow and is fed by everything around her. We have to teach them differently, embracing those differences. Brian and I feel quite strongly that we will carry on homeschooling. I am really looking forward to it without all of the travel involved. It will bring a different landscape, another piece to our ever-changing journey.

Another calm that has kept me sane in all times is my mat: my yoga mat. I have taken a few classes along the way as doing yoga independently does not seem to offer the same result. Yesterday, they girls and I entered a Phoenix studio that was decorated so that it brought instant calm. It smelled nice; the colors were southwestern and mellow. The classroom was void of all images, white walls with a couple of candles and Om symbol on the front wall. No distractions, no noise though the room was filled with yogis.

Yoga allows me to do many things, and do them how I wish to do them at any given moment. No one is watching. No one knows how I am feeling. I can exert myself as much or as little as I wish. Even if it has been weeks since I have been to a class, my body remembers. My mind can just fall into a state of calm. It brings peace and offers that peace to others with minimum effort.

The best calm in my world is my husband and partner, Captain of my ship. He is a constant barometer of patience and kindness. In times of upheaval, he comes through most times with flying colors in hues of blue. I am regularly striving to emulate his actions with those around him. He offers a state of steady calm, the love of my life. Lucky girl am I!

We all need to find our calms, both emotionally and physically. Calms allow us to be our best, authentic selves. Allowing ourselves to be aware and caring of those around us. I am thankful for the little calms in life that come my way.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kris on February 12, 2011 at 4:12 pm

    Beautifully written, Janet. Sounds like it’s you and the girls for the time being….Much love to you and your family:) From one of your biggest admirers and supporters;)


  2. I really enjoyed this post. I haven’t managed to stay up to date with your journey since we first connected, but this re-entry to it has such a great feel.


  3. Posted by Brian on February 13, 2011 at 9:25 am

    I love your post baby, glad that you are finding some peace and serenity in your travels, and a little fun. There is a lot going on in life right now and I admire how you take it in stride; driving across county pulling Jack – you have the biggest set of Cajones of any woman I know! I look forward to continuing the journey we are on, whatever that looks like and even if that does not include the Alaska Run. Whatever happens, we are having a great time in life, the girls are learning and we are spending time together (well, not RIGHT now!). It will all sort out, and I am looking forward to seeing you in SF and hanging out for a couple of weeks. Keep the peace for you and my entire clan of crazy chicks.


  4. I just thought I would throw this out there for you. Brandy found a web site called and is going to subscribe. Every day they post a yoga series of up to one hour in length. It might be nice for those days where you have internet, but no studio.

    Have a fun and safe journey!


  5. Posted by andrea gaspari on February 16, 2011 at 3:19 am

    We would love to know when you are in SF so we can hook up. By the way if you have never been to the East Coast in Spring or Summer I hope you get there some day. It is breath taking and has so much history. Loved your post and the sunset reminded me of our journey cross country. That endless sky of colors, WoW!!!
    : )


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