Oye, Flickin’ the ole holiday letter to ya


Happy Holidays 2011

Where did it go, the year that is?  We hope that your year was as fulfilling and fun filled, and that this letter finds you in good health and happy with where you stand in life.  Our lives have been filled with a lot of activity and change, as usual.   We are happy. We are healthy.  We are still in our house and even have a little change left in our pocket at the end of the month. What more is there that we need?  Time!

Our travels in ‘Jack’, our travelling home, came to a rather abrupt end in Florida for no reason other than we were tired of life on the road, and Brian had the opportunity to work in Australia on a project that would help the old bank account.  Janet, gutsy girl she is, saw Brian off to the airport in Orlando and then drove Jack back with the girls to Oregon, stopping along the way to see family in California along the way.  With the four-week trip at her back she took on the task of moving back into the house on her own.  Now that we are settled back into our lives in Oregon we are pleased to be home, however, each of us refers to the simplicity and pleasure the trip brought us.  Secretly, each family member has times of longing to be back on the road however this is not generally discussed.  Jack is up for sale as there and we are now actively pursuing home exchanges that allow travels in the local eyes.  In the meantime, Janet runs a tight ship at home and Brian continues to globe trot.

An interesting and significant outcome of our travels is that we chose to not place the girls back into public school; yes, we taking charge of our children’s education.  This life changing choice was brought on by myriad reasons:  mainly time and to continue the love of learning. We love the choice we made and really enjoy participating in learning and the joy of being engaged with the girls.   It is not for everyone.  It is not easy.  We are not in it for easy, we are into it for the quality of education, the ability to experience with our children and ensuring they are in a fertile environment.  The girls love the arrangement and so do we.  Our family is closer than ever.  On a heartbreaking note, we lost of family companion Fina this year to cancer.  We miss her dearly.

Ava Marie, the lovely 11-year-old girl she is, auditioned for and was accepted to the Portland Youth Rock Orchestra!  She continues to excel at viola and singing, with a little piano on the side.  Ava continues to shower us with joy, smiles and hugs everyday.   She is engrossed in technology friends, fashion, and dare I say boys too?  With a positive outlook and an interest in what she is doing, she is unstoppable!

In between her swim meets and practices, Tess (9) can be found most often singing, playing piano, or playing her guitar.     She has further developed her talents for writing and poetry and managed a first place award in an online writing competition about the Van Gough painting called Starry Night. Her writing skills are impressive, as is her generous heart. A very insightful girl with continuous smiles, and always up for a laugh, she has a soft spot for animal safety and campaigns for humane animal treatment.  And do not even ask her to eat meat, as she is a model vegetarian!

While educating the girls is a full time function that she excels at, Janet still manages to find time to cook wonderful creations.   Although she may be making up gluten free and egg free recipes, in her heart she is dreaming of getting back to the yoga studio and to ask the question:  Is there enough time in the day to do all that we are passionate about?  This girl is busy, but still made time to see family and friends throughout the year with trips see to her Mom in GA and Dad in CA.

Besides 4 ½ months in Australia for work, Brian remains excited to be able to spend long blocks of time with the family.  This year’s home projects include a 4 quart ice cream maker and a tree house for the girls that he secretly he thinks is his.  He also enjoyed lots of outdoors time this summer including his epic 6-day backcountry-backpacking trip to the North Cascades with friends.   Time with family is his utmost priority.

As we bid farewell to yet another year, we wish you and your families the safest of holidays and a prosperous new year.  As always, we will hope see each of you in the coming year.  With Love – The Creasy Clan



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  1. Posted by Tristen Ruttley on December 28, 2011 at 9:38 pm

    Hey Mr.Brian, Mrs.Janet, Ava, and Tess.It’s Tristen remember when I saw all of you at the Landry Mat in Bayou Segnet and the next morning Mrs.Janet and Tess asked me to go bike riding and we all talked ?? :)))))


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