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Slow Road West

Wow, that last post (the good, the bad and the vomit) was tough to publish but I am thankful I did.  I was enveloped with compassion, love and support from a great deal of you.  One man did, however, say that I needed to buck up and “complete my mission” or the message would self-destruct! LOL

The recent path has spurred several very good conversations with friends and with Brian.  Bottom line is that the girls and I are heading back west, SLOWLY.  Brian took off to Oz last yesterday, after a good restful stint, but still quite sad.  My awesome partner is such a brave, compassionate soul who really dreads travel and leaving us, but it seemed the right thing to do for now.  After our return to PDX, we both will be searching for positions that bring in the cash yet help the soul soar.

The girls and I are excited to be heading west again.  The northeast and Canada will have to wait for another time and we are all ok with that.  Brian already has his mind wrapped around selling Jack and purchasing a converted bus of sorts to continue the lifestyle, just less often, and with a home base. Mr. Extreme will very likely purchase the bus and want to convert it himself for his next project.  I do see the fun in that as well…just takes time.  I would want to reclaim and reuse objects for the conversion and incorporate a harmonious interior aesthetic.  Oh yeah.

It is a really good thing to miss home.  It really puts things into perspective and shines the light on what is really important.  For me, that importance is not so much the house, but it is the community and friends.  I did not realize how much I would miss that aspect.  We all agree to that and look forward to good times ahead with friends, family, and new career adventures.  In addition, the girls are visualizing playing in the tree house, backyard and their own rooms.  I am dreaming about my garden, kitchen and my rain shower.  Brian misses his hammock and the peace of our home.

Next post, I promise pictures but I felt I needed to get this update posted.  Good energy our way please as the Creasy Clan Chicks drag Jack back!  Nothing like teaching our girls what an independent woman can achieve, right?



FOR SALE 2009 Fifth Wheel Dutchmen Colorado UNDER WARRANTY

We are marketing our fond “Jack” though bittersweet, this was all part of the plan.  Please forward this on to any whom you might think be interested.  Please note the detailed spec sheet for detailed information.

This is a Dutchmen Colorado 35RB 35′ (39′ end to end) is a high quality fully loaded fifth wheel trailer.  Although it is a 2009 model, it was first sold in June 2010 and has only moderate use for 6 months.  Meticulous maintenance and care show in this beautiful trailer.  There are four slide outs creating wonderfully large living space.  The two rear slides create two rooms with their own doors in the back of the trailer, each with 2 bunks and there is a bathroom separating the rooms, jack and jill style.  The main are has a large slide to create a big living room and the master has a slide making the area large and livable.  There are 8’+ ceilings in everywhere except the master, where the headroom is 6′ 5″  as it is in the master bathroom.
This is basically a new unit only used for 6 months and still under warranty full manufacturers warranty. Our travel plan has changed and it is your gain!

A year ago this unit had an MSPR of $55,000 before we added a bunch to it.  There is also our lovely 2005 F350 king cab diesel available too, buy the package for a discount!    Delivery available to anywhere in North America.  Trailer is $35,000 and Truck is $25,000 when purchased together, or the trailer is $36,000 on its own.

Equipped with everything as you can see detailed in the download brochure, it is a wonderful home on wheels or weekend holiday unit.  A a quick summary is here.

Fully insulated top to bottom and walls

Honda Generator

Trojan 6v battery bank

House installed inverter

2 Fantastic Fans


50 amp service

Corian countertops

12 gallon hot water heater (Propane/120v/12v)

Heater (propane)

3 Burner propane stove/oven


2 way fridge and freezer

2 flat panel TVs

Plumbed for laundry

Dinette with individual chairs

Pullout Sofa

Tons of storage

8′ Headroom

Large shower with 6′ 6″ headroom

Incredible custom bike rack on the rear for vertical bike storage

Please DO NOT contact us if you want it shipped overseas, if you are a scammer or if you want to trade or offer a low ball.  We will consider reasonable offers.

The Good, the Bad, and the Vomit

I feel like a rubber band shot into the wild, wild yonder, rubbed raw by self-exhaustion.  Why, you ask?  I have had my fill of emotions this month.  So many to count and I seem to crave reading and having more, whether they are on the peak of the rollercoaster or near the valley:  How to educate our kids and our countries kid’s?  How to push through some fears I have of continuing/ceasing this journey.  Reading and writing so many, many blogs that inspire, stir and subdue my being.  Finding out why I am not being my whole, authentic self?  What is holding me back?  Why do I bite my husband head off when all he does it try to make everything better?  Consider this my vomit.

We have only 5 months left on this adventure but knowing that still brings me to tears. I am exhausted, in need of some peace, connection with my community, preferably in Portland.  I don’t want to hear that there is a reason, that there is a message or a lesson in all this. I don’t want to hear that I need to let go, that I need to trust. I know it, but I resist it anyway.

Firstly, I am feeling extremely selfish.  Here I am, in the middle of the Keys in Florida with my amazing family, relaxing and supposedly loving life.  And I am completely and utterly out of focus, existing.  Where is the purpose?  And should there be one?  Brian is an amazing partner and best friend and I have been treating him like dirt as often my emotions are transferred to him.  Sorry, love.  He is walking on eggshells so as to not set me off.  Sounds grand, right?

I am feeling trapped, afraid for the future and just wishing about being home to the home I know.  Shallow—I know.  I am trying to push through it but really have a hard time doing that.  The other mantra I have been touting is “enjoy the moment”.  So much more easily said than done, when I am worrying about the water and toilet paper I am using, when it is time to dump sewer, where to park tonight and where I am going to get quarters and find a laundry mat.  Such primitive actions have brought me to my knees, grated on my emotions.

There is another reason, and this one I can hang my hat on:  Brian needs to take a job in Australia for two one-month stints.  We have had the glorious opportunity to have him travel very little on this trip so far, but funds are low.  This trip for him will set us straight.  I am having trouble finding the energy to go on and travel with the girls until his return, especially being in this emotional state.  So, I may hunker down for a month and see how we feel.  Or we may make our way westward.  I don’t know yet.

I think the biggest mistake we have made was trying to do too much too fast.  Most people would think a year is plenty to see the country.  I am here to tell you that that is NOT SO!  We are moving every 3-4 days on average and we only plan a few days ahead.  We have missed much and feel rushed.

Here is what I want:  to be at home, sitting on the back deck (in the rain mind you J), listening to the kids giggle in the tree house while I create and foster my new part time job focus.  What will that be?  I want to shop for groceries at my local haunts and buy my secret raw milk.  I want to cook for my family in my big, fat kitchen and enjoy all of the stuff that is in storage…a bit of a reverse of what I have been preaching, right?  I want to plan, get ready and go on an actual date with my husband when he hasn’t seen the good, bad and the ugly of me since the moment I woke up.  I want to have time to plan with the family what unschooling events might happen over the next month.  I know, I know, the antithesis of unschooling, right?  Planning?  Ha!  I want to spend separate time with each of my family members and friends so at dinner we have something to talk to each other about instead of being with each other 24/7.  Wine time with my friends, networking with prospective clients, regular yoga and chiropractic adjustments, ice cream jaunts in the Mustang.  Shall I continue or are you sick of reading my selfish vomit?  I sure am.

I want to scream from the mountaintops to “just get over it” and just let things slide, stop analyzing, thinking, becoming a better person.  Enjoy where I am and what I am doing, why do I need to push to the next step and then plan for it?  Is this the point in which most people exist until they die and just say the heck with the rest of the world?  I know I can honestly say that it is not in my being to do that.  So how do I find the peace?

Fear is the culprit.  It always is.  And also in this case, exhaustion.  The question is how to push through it to the other side with out coming out a washed up beached mermaid?   I want to be handed a challenge and fly over it. I want to feel energized and more determined by it. I want to keep smiling, keep holding onto my joy. I want to embrace my fear with compassion.  I believe that I can be all of these things with a home base, a community to connect to, and friends to share with.  Embracing can fall within the walls of security, right?  I have loved this adventure, and want it to continue–after we all have a break.  In fact, we are already planning to buy a converted bus to take on less lengthy trips.  I am a traveler, but not a full time traveler and I am ok with that.  I hope that Brian is ok with that too.

I can be nothing but authentic. And life will ebb and flow, all things will pass.  This is me, authentic. Waiting for the fear to pass, for my ability to let it go.  Time will tell the outcome, and the outcome will be good, though getting there might hurt a little.

We the few who venture off the road

One of the coolest adventures thus far (by family vote) by the Creasy clan was yesterday at the Big Cypress Swamp in the Everglades of Florida.  Ranger Mel, a young man whose passion for his environment was very evident in his words and actions, led the tour.  He started it by congratulating us for being one of the less than 1% of tourists who actually venture beyond the visitor center.

So begins the tour in the mucky mud trail where Tess almost lost her shoe and we facilitated “chi” running in the muck to get through it a bit easier.   We learned about cypress tress, orchids, panthers, birds, the environment and the subtle beauty that the Everglades provide.

The girls began the tour with “I don’t like this” to “Wow, this is so cool” very quickly as we entered the swamp up to our knees, surrounded by cypress knees, interesting plants, and an alligator!  Yes, we can honestly say that we were in the water with wild gators!

Two hours went by very quickly and at tour’s end, I found a true respect for this humble environment.  Tess and Ava were begging for more.  Maybe tomorrow on another local hike…

Starr and Scott Hospitality

We met this great couple in Portland in their Rv on one of our test runs before we left.  Exchanged numbers and wa-la:  invitation to stay in their driveway near Tampa.  Their hospitality was top notch and we enjoyed dinner at night and tea in the morning with them.  They are very well traveled and Starr is a great recorder of Kodak moments and it was fun to have her be our host at Tampa Electric manatee viewing center.

Santa brought both Tess and Ava American Girl dolls and Starr was kind enough to let the girls drag cherished American Girl clothes out from the attic and the girls were in doll heaven.

Love you Starr and Scott.  Thanks for paying it forward–we will too!



Here are just some good pics of our beloved Fina (her name in Spanish means ladylike/ladylove).  She is such a trooper on this trip, being in her 60’s and all!  The good thing is that she gets oodles of love and cuddles from all—even studly Tito!  Thanks for taking these Starr!

Lundy Living–Florida Style

It is so cool to open ourselves up to new people who are doing just what we are doing.  The Lundy’s are a family of new full timers whose passion for living life and enjoying their kids is so evident.  We were headed into Florida after Face booking with Margie regularly over the last few months, and surprised them at their campground!  We planned to stay just a night or two but ended up staying four nights.  Our girls were in girl heaven as they had a 10-year-old girl.  They also had two boys who were very entertaining and refreshing to hang around.  Matt here called Brian quite adoringly “Mr. Superhero man” because Brian would launch him into the pool:

Lizzie turned 11 and we celebrated with what else but a pool party!